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Gazelle SA341F For Sale

EC120 For Sale
EC 120 - Only 1720 Hrs since new. 2002. 12 year completed.

Astar B3 for sale - only 1200 hrs since new - 2008 - 12 year just completed
Paint and interior like new!



  SA 341F2 - Sold
Total Time since G Inspection 3,760 hrs - Experimental.
With newly overhauled blades. Extremely good times on all components!
New paint - metalic red with clear coat finish (Excelent quality), new leather interior, new carpets, high performance F engine, has the enhanced fenestron system.
The main rotor blades were just overhauled in July 2022 with new matching paint colors. New Garmin G3X MFD.
Wire strike kit. Dual controls. Heat. Transponder. ELT. 3 axis SAS, Radio Altimeter. GPS.
This is probably the best Gazelle with the best times remaining you will find in the world today!

$495,000 O.B.O - Sold!

1975 Gazelle SA341F2

Engine has over 1200 hrs remaining and good times remaining on all major parts

New leather interior and carpets

New overhauled blades with matching color



Garmin GPS G3X MFD - GPS, Terrain, Alt, Speed, Log, Adsb, Traffic Alert etc

More Photos and video

Component Times ComponentTimes

Gazelle Tail rotor GB For sale
Tail rotor Gearbox 1400 remaining calendar good - Sold

Every helicopter pilots dream is to own a Gazelle. Whether young or old the Gazelle is the Ferrari or the Lamborghini of every rotorcraft enthusiast. A machine to be admired. A trophy. The ultimate flying machine.

Beautiful, fast and agile. The choice of armies, navies and air forces all over the world as well as corporate executives, vips and royalty!
The gazelle born, in the early seventies, still looks, feels and performs like a modern day helicopter. The fastest single engine helicopter ever built and the only single engined, single pilot IFR helicopter ever certified.

The gazelle is still operated by armed forces all over the world. It is that good!! 50 years of technology advances has not yet made this ship obsolete.

To own a gazelle is to own a piece of fun-ctional aviation history and to have fun!

As time goes on there are fewer and fewer of these helicopters, and especially few of the civilian version. This IFR version is one of probably three or four that remain.




Click photo for Gazelle take-off video

The Aerospatiale SA.341/342 Gazelle is a five-seat light helicopter that first flew in 1967, powered by an Astazou 3 engine. The first production aircraft flew in 1971, differing from the prototype in having a longer cabin, larger tail unit and updated Astazou 3A. Ten versions of the Gazelle have been built: the SA.341B, 341C, 341D and 341E for the British armed forces; the SA.341F for the French Army; the SA.341G and SA.342J for civil operators; SA.341H military export version; and the SA.342K, 342L and 342M military versions. Under an Anglo-French agreement signed in 1967, Gazelles were produced jointly with Westland sales have exceeded 1, 200.

Speed over a closed circuit of 100 km without payload    1971    296.00 km/h    Denis PROST (France)    Aérospatiale SA 341 Gazelle
Speed over a straight 3 km course at restricted altitude    1971    310.00 km/h    Denis PROST (France)    Aérospatiale SA 341 Gazelle
Speed over a straight 15/25 km course    1971    312.00 km/h    Denis PROST (France)    Aérospatiale SA 341 Gazelle
London (UK) - Paris (France)    1984    252.18 km/h    Richard FENWICK (France)    Aérospatiale/Westland SA341 Gazelle
Paris (France) - London (UK)    1984    235.15 km/h    Richard FENWICK (France)    Aérospatiale/Westland SA341 Gazelle

Original Sales Adverts from Aerospatiale


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